Seminars at the Refugee Studies Forum

The Refugee Studies Forum (RSF) publishes a themed annual journal, titled the “Refugee Studies Journal”.
The first publication of the “Refugee Studies Journal” is scheduled for September 2011 and will carry the theme of “Third-Country Resettlement”.
Prior to its publication, the RSF organizes regular seminars open to members of the Forum (largely consisting of researchers and practitioners). At each seminar, one of the scheduled contributors to the journal present their research results and arguments and participants are welcomed to an open discussion.
As of February 2011, the Forum has hosted 6 seminars on the year’s theme, “Third-Country Resettlement”. Follow reports of seminars here.
The theme of the second publication (scheduled for September 2012) is “The Procedure for Recognition of Refugee Status” (in Japanese: Nanmin Nintei Tetsuduki).
Note: Seminars are carried out in Japanese (with some exceptions).